Where We Are

Chalet Cathay is nestled in a tranquil clearing in La Tzoumaz, a peaceful village in the beautiful Swiss Canton of Valais. La Tzoumaz is named after the word “tzoumer” meaning to take a break, so it couldn’t be a more perfect setting for a mountain getaway.

The chalet has stunning views looking down the Rhône Valley with the magnificent Swiss Alps in front and calming forest on either side. Cut into a bank away and down from the roadside with its back to the traffic, it is afforded uninterrupted views of sleepy La Tzoumaz below and the powerful mountain landscape beyond.

High Among the Trees

The beautiful surroundings confer privacy and seclusion. The vibrant colours of the mountain backdrop are dazzling to behold and are constantly changing with the seasons.

The peaceful ambience of our setting belies its easy access to the main road and proximity to the village centre and ski lift station. With no buildings or other distractions in front of the chalet to be bothered by, there is a sense of quiet and solitude, unmatched for a chalet so centrally located.

In both winter and summer, and whatever your priorities, Chalet Cathay’s idyllic location in La Tzoumaz is perfect for both relaxing and more adventurous mountain holidays with family and friends.


Perfectly situated on the main road just half a mile from the village centre, the chalet is conveniently located with easy access to all that La Tzoumaz has to offer throughout the year. It’s on the main road that leads directly to the lift station and the adjacent Tourist Office and other neighbouring amenities including bars, restaurants and the local supermarket.

Mountain Living

The timeless appeal of Chalet Cathay’s calming forest setting finds its fullest expression in the guest invitation: Be at home.

Chalet Cathay is easy to find with simple directions. Luckily for us, there are no obscure side roads or tricky paths to navigate to get to our front door. Even in winter for first time guests arriving in the evening, the final section of the journey to the chalet will be stress free.

Easy to Find

How to know you’ve arrived at Chalet Cathay?

Look for the lamppost directly above our drive. We’re on the main road to the village and lift station. Just a few steps away from the top of our drive, there is also a free public car park and a bus stop. Better still, it’s only one stop away from the lift station.

Great for families

For families with children, the grounds around the chalet offer lots of fun and safe areas in which to play and relax in the fresh mountain air. The woodland by the side of the drive area is an enchanted forest right on our doorstep. It’s a wonderful place for children to explore, play hide-and-seek or just watch the local fauna in their natural habitat.

Outdoor Relaxation and Recreation

Your very own private playground and gateway to further alpine adventures.

The lawns on either side of the chalet are another great place to spend time outside. Wooden decking around the lower ground floor terrace connects the generous grassed spaces to the forested area by the drive.

There is also a charming walking trail at the foot of the chalet that runs alongside a “bisse”, a little canal that in days past has served to provide irrigation to neighbouring areas.

Enchanted Forest

There’s plenty to explore around the beautiful landscaped grounds of Chalet Cathay.

Approaching the Chalet

The chalet is approached directly from the main road via a gentle, sloping tarmac drive offering easy access on foot or by car and leads right up to our front door. There are no steps that can sometimes be tricky to negotiate in winter, especially for children and older guests.

Fortunately for us, the Vouatère Parc bus stop is situated in the public car park adjacent to our driveway and it is just over a minute on the bus to get to the lift station.

Convenient Access

Even in winter when it’s snowy and icy, getting to and from the chalet by car or on foot is still a pleasure on the gently sloping landscaped drive.

There is plenty of space on the drive to park up to four vehicles depending on size. In the unlikely event there is not enough space, additional parking is available in the free public car park at the top of our drive.

Secure Space

Private, accessible, off-road parking for multiple vehicles provides peace of mind in all seasons.

Getting Here By Road

La Tzoumaz is located 160Km south-east of Geneva Airport. It’s an easy journey, doesn’t take long and is rewarded with scenic views making driving a pleasure. The route is straightforward, mostly on motorway and joining it from the airport is particularly easy and stress free.

Epic Drive

The motorway route from Geneva Airport to Chalet Cathay has sections of scenery that will simply take your breath away.


On exit heading north-east towards Lausanne, the motorway drive along Lake Geneva is scenic, and the views approaching Montreux are particularly attractive.

The route then cuts south through the narrow valley floor beside the Rhône River to Martigny, a historic Roman town.

From Martigny, it is another 15 km east on the motorway along the valley to Riddes and then a short scenic climb of a few kilometres up to the resort.

Bird's Eye View

Chalet Cathay in La Tzoumaz is well connected by road. From here other ski resorts like Chamonix in France and Zermatt, also in the Canton of Valais, are both easy day trips by car.

Winter Ready

If using your own car, please do ensure it is equipped with winter tyres and there is a set of snow chains on board. It is certainly worthwhile practising fitting the chains at home first if you have never used them before.

Travelling By Rail

If there are smaller groups travelling, it may be cheaper and easier to use the famously efficient and effortlessly integrated SBB Swiss public transport system.

Effortless Arrival

The train journey from Geneva Airport to Riddes requires one change to a local train at Martigny.

Further Information